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We believe Solon needs a game-changer in the mayor's office, someone who has a clear and exciting vision for the city and is willing to get out and aggressively embrace new ideas.  That game-changer is Mr. Magill.

   Chagrin Valley Today

Solon needs and innovative thinker like Mr. Magill, who would likely be open to input from both residents and business owners.  A skilled communicator with executive-level experience, he stands out as the right person to lead the city.

   Solon Times  

...Magill promises vigorous and comprehensive upgrades in city operations....earns our endorsement in the November 7 election.

Cleveland Plain Dealer


Ward 2 Councilman Bob Pelunis

Ward 3 Councilman John Scott

Ward 4 Councilman Marc Kotora

Former Mayor Bob Paulson

Former Councilman Ed Suit


State Senator Matt Dolan

State Representative Marlene Anielski

County Councilman Jack Schron


Chagrin Falls Mayor Bill Tomko

Twinsburg Mayor Ted Yates


Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Doug Magill, another mayoral candidate and current council member.  Doug revealed his collaborative management style to include input from local residents and business owners.  He is a skilled and honest communicator with private sector executive level experience and impressive vision.  

— Jacquelyn Calavitta

We invited Doug into our home and were delighted with his understanding of what Solon needs "A people's Mayor" We are confident he will be responsive to the needs of citizen's of Solon; both residents and businesses. This is something that has been lacking for the past 8 years. Wayne & I are excited to endorse Doug Magill for Mayor of our wonderful City! — Wayne & Donna Doberstyn

Vote for Magill to assure a sensible, creative, inclusive future for our city.  

— Don Gallo

Doug Magill has been a friend of mine since I was 19.  I met Doug when he hired me as his secretary.  We worked together for 10 years and climbed the ranks together.  

I respect him for being my mentor and teaching me to be a professional in the real world.

Doug is an honest man who genuinely cares about people. and their goals to succeed.  His integrity and dedication will provide Solon the leadership it deserves.

— Valerie Gordon

.....Doug Magill was also a coach and Boy Scout leader, and he was also a businessman and an executive that actually earned his positions.  

Solon needs a working mayor with vision, not someone who wants to do as little as possible and keep the status quo, which not only cost us several businesses like McDonald's and Liberty Ford, but has also earned Solon a reputation for being the most difficult city of all to deal with.

Save the city - vote for Doug Magill.

— Mark Haas

Doug has been involved as a leader in the Solon community for a number of years and cares deeply about the city.  His perspective, ability and experience are exactly what we need now.   He will be a great mayor for Solon. 

— 'Lil John Rinaldi

I have known Doug Magill for a number of years and respect his leadership ability and vision.  He would be a great mayor for Solon.

— Jack Schron

Mr. Magill comes from the business world being retired as a Vice President from Nestle' Enterprises.   He has the skills to aggressively solicit businesses to locate here while still considering resident concerns and input.  He has all the attributes to be an excellent mayor.  That's why my wife Karen and I enthusiastically support Mr. Magill for mayor.  

— Councilman John Scott

Mr. Magill is the only candidate endorsed by the Solon Times.  Read the literature and see how he has already taken actions to move Solon forward.  Base your decision on fact and not fiction.  You will then understand why my wife and I are proud to support Mr. Magill for mayor and I hope you will too.

— Former Councilman Ed Suit

I support Doug Magill for mayor of Solon. — Bryan Vidmar

Doug and I have developed a close friendship over the years and I have learned that he is a competent, thoughtful and caring person that works hard and has been very successful.  It is comforting to know that someone of his caliber will be involved in public service for the city of Solon.

— George Voinovich

Congratulations! πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ I am sure you will becoming Solon Mayor 😘😘😘 Blessings πŸ™πŸ» Virginia Zhang — Zhuping Zhu

Magill For Mayor, Sandra Phillips, Treasurer
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