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Meeting With Rocky River Mayor Pam Bobst

Had a wonderful meeting with Pam Bobst, Mayor of Rocky River. She was friendly, attentive and thoughtful even though I spent almost two hours with her.

She is puzzled that Solon has withdrawn from most meetings and forums with other mayors.

Pam had great insights on the city as community and recommended a book, Bowling Alone, which talks about city management and developing citizen engagement. Key concepts: Social Infrastructure and civic engagement as key indicators of a thriving community.  People want to have pride in their city and need to feel connected to their community. They also need gathering spaces and places to stroll.

We discussed the need for regular meetings with civic leaders – Rotary, churches, Chamber of Commerce, community groups - to talk about challenges, opportunities, vision.

She suggested I look into Block Grants from the Community Economic Development Fund to kick start economic development in a certain area.  

Magill For Mayor, Sandra Phillips, Treasurer
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