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Joy in Voting

I have been knocking on doors across the city. Recently an elderly gentleman came outside of his home to speak with me. He was a slight man, but with a happy demeanor. I didn't recognize the accent, but he wanted to know all about Solon's government, the mayor's job, and the its relationship to city council. After a discussion that lasted 10 to 15 minutes he told me that he had just received his U.S. citizenship the week before. I told him congratulations, and how wonderful it was to welcome him to the county. He beamed, said it was a blessing, and, touching me on the forearm told me that I would be the first person he ever voted for. It was humbling to know how much hope, belief and faith went into that statement. That is who we run for office for, and who we need to remember when we serve. In other countries you belong to a territory. Here, you belong to an idea,

Magill For Mayor, Sandra Phillips, Treasurer
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